Nestled in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, White Mt. Woodturning is owned and operated by Ed and Diana Witt.  Ed is the turner and Diana is the quality control, marketing manager and web site administrator.  Ed and Diana live in Madison, New Hampshire with their three Golden Retrievers, Timbah, Willow and Oakley.

100_1818Ed is a licensed Forester who has been turning native northern hardwoods since 2010.  The vast majority of Ed’s timber comes from sustainably managed forests in New Hampshire and Maine.  Ed specializes in turning naturally figured woods such as burl wood, curly maple, birdseye maple, ambosia maple, etc..  Most of Ed’s turnings are bowls, pens, bottle stoppers and small boxes.  Each turning is as unique as a finger print, with no two turnings being identical.

Timbah the helper!

Timbah the helper!

aaw-logoEd is a member of the American Association of Woodturners and President of

the Mt. Washington Valley Woodturners Club, Conway, NH

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  1. Tom Schrunk says:


    I’m a member of the Minnesota Woodworker’s Guild, and I’ve got a new product I want the woodworking community to know about, the StopLossBag.  I’d like to send some examples for members of your group to try out.

    The StopLossBag is a clear bag for storing woodworking finishes.  It’s made with a special multi-ply wall which helps reduce evaporation and oxidation, staying closer to the original solids-to-solvent ratio that you have when you first open a can. You dispense what you need, then squeeze out any bubble before tightening the cap to preserve the rest for the next time you need it.  

    Think of it as a sort of “boxed wine”, except designed specifically for woodworkers finishes.  I’d like to see woodworkers never again needing to toss out skinned-over cans of finish.

    You can get more information at my website, www.stoplossbags.com.  There are photos and descriptions as well as an instructional video.  They were reviewed in the last issue of American Woodworker Magazine and were given the “Editor’s Pick” award.

    I’d like to send two samples, one for the initial “tester” and another for a friend to try as well.  Instruction sheets and bag filling information will be included.  If your group would like to try them, please send me the shipping address.  There is no cost.

    I thank you in advance.   My only request is that after trying them you share your experience with the group.


    Tom Schrunk

  2. Ed Solar says:

    I am in Dummer, NH (just north of Berlin) and am just beginning to do some turning and would be interested in attending a meeting if I can. Can you tell me when & where the Mt Washington Valley Woodturners Club meets. Thanks Ed

    • Ed says:

      Hello Ed;
      You are very welcome to join the group. Unfortunately we had a meeting last night!! Meetings are usually held on the third Thursday of each month. We hold our meetings at Kennett High School from 7 to 9 PM. I will forward your email address to our president so that he can put you on our email notification list. Don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any other questions. Happy turning!!


  3. Michele Witt says:

    Love the picture of Timbah covered in wood shavings!

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