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The web provides an enormous amount of information for those who are eager to learn.  Below are some very informative and useful links.  Please be aware that there are many opinions on how a project or a technique can be accomplished.  Also, some content on these sites is posted by beginners and inexperienced turners and may not be safe.  PLEASE, always wear proper personal protective equipment, use sharp tools and take the proper safety precautions for the type of turning you are attempting.  The American Association of Woodturners has the best safety guidelines that I have found at .

 American Association of Woodturners: .  The American Association of Woodturners (AAW) is the premier wood turning Association in the world.  With over 14,000 members, AAW publishes a high quality bimonthly magazine, organizes a huge annual convention, supports and promotes local woodturning clubs, and provides countless benefits to wood turners.

Ron Brown’s Best:  I recently found this site and think that it is very informative.  Ron Brown has several free downloads available such as pepper mill designs, bottle stopper designs, how to start a wood turners club, and more.  He has designed and offers for sale numerous products of great use to wood turners.  I highly recommend a visit to his website!!

Woodturning Videos Plus: .  This website  has an enormous amount of educational material for all woodturners.  Steve Russell created and maintains this extremely informative site.

Woodturning .  This is a non-commercial, cooperative site by and for woodturners to summarize and index lightly vetted, useful, free videos that can be shared and help us all build our turning skills and enjoyment. Please read Cautions!.

Woodturners Resource: . The Fastest Growing Woodturning Forum On The Net. This is the place woodturners go for the most up to date woodturning  ideas.









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