Turning American Chestnut

Tim, forester at Forest Land Improvement, found a living American Chestnut tree on his parents woodlot.  This is a rare occurrence because the American Chestnut tree species was essentially wiped out by the Chestnut Blight.  Tim harvested the tree before it died and gave me a section of the tree to turn.  I made eight 6″ bowls from the piece that he gave me.  I also got some pen blanks.  I rough turned the bowls and they are currently drying in paper bags with their green shavings.  Here are a few pictures of some of the bowls.

Chestnut Bowls

Chestnut Bowls

Chestnut Bowls 2

Chestnut Bowls 2

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  1. Joyce Eatmon says:

    Ed, have you completed any of the chestnut bowls? We have purchased 6 bowls of various woods and sizes made by you from the Remick Museum. We will be back in NH in early September-October and would like to see any new work you have completed.

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