Pens and Stoppers

I spent this weekend working on some smaller projects that can be finished fairly quickly.  I need some stock for the Remick Farm’s Fall Festival on September 28th.

I was playing with some scraps of wood left over from a Red Maple burl.  These bottle stoppers are the result.  Each stopper was an adventure as I never knew exactly what they would look like until I finished them!

Red Maple Burl Bottle Stoppers 8/13

Red Maple Burl Bottle Stoppers 8/13

I also made some pens that are really cool.  These pens are “bolt action” shot gun shells.  The ink cartridge retracts with a bolt action style mechanism.  What a great gift for the hunter in your life (a little sales pitch there!!).

Bolt Action Pens 8/13

Bolt Action Pens 8/13


Black Cherry Burl, Black Walnut, Curly Red Maple


Black Cherry Burl, Curly Red Maple, Black Cherry Burl




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