Lathe injury

The lathe can be a very dangerous machine.  My wife and I were going to a friends for supper and I needed to finish my project very quickly.  I made several mistakes that resulted in a very close call.  I had a large (14″,)  green bowl on the lathe and needed to finalize the wall thickness prior to drying the bowl.  I only had a few light passes left on the bottom to complete.  I quickly reset the tool rest and didn’t put my gloves on.  As I was rushing the last pass my Sorby scraper caught, the tool rest rotated and my hand was pulled into the piece turning at 800 RPM’s.  I quickly shut off the lathe but the damage was done.

Lathe Hand Injury

Lathe Hand Injury

What did I do wrong?  Well, there were several missteps that resulted in this injury.  First, never rush a job!  I was not paying attention and giving the respect to the lathe that it deserves.  I did not tighten the tool rest adequately and was way too far over the rest with my scraper.  I can get aggressive with my tools and I was trying to remove too much material too quickly.  Bottom line, I was VERY lucky and only have a few scars to show for it!!

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  1. Gary Y. says:

    Jeese Ed, You gettin a little more for that bowl? Great site and nice job on your woodworking…….. BE Carefull…..

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